We may say that Piacenza has always been the land of wines. Their first vineyards were cultivated by the Paleo-ligurian. Then the Etruscans, Romans, Latin legionnaires, Gauls and Celts cultivated the vine or simply produced wine in this area.


In spite of this people’s succession, then Customs and Tradicions; the origins of the vine for winegrowing in Plasencia have to be attributed to the greek influences. The low vine cultivation with closer and stronger stocks pruned are nowadays witnesses. The prestige of these wines throughout the history is documented on a great number of writings: it is enough to leaf through the latin classics to discover that even Cicero spoke about the wines from Piacenza.

 In particular, the history of Val Trebbia, that the famous writer Ernest Hemingway called “the most beautiful in the world” in 1945 after he went around it with an allied army, is filled with important names: Anibal, Caio, Flaminio, Teodolinda and last but not least Colombano, who was then named a Saint, founder of the famous monastery of Bobbio in 614.

From Ireland, he crossed over Europe and founded many monasteries, taking along a great part of the knowledge of that time; including agricultural practices.

It is right from these monasteries that the monks brought to Bobbio the first vine plants of French origin.


The business of the company MOIZO&SCOTTI which produces, selects and provides the wines for El Galgo Negro, started in 1892. For each MOIZO&SCOTTI wine, we can affirm that balance, color and scent are truly refined and high quality.

These results are possible to obtain thanks to the constant, clever and meticulous care in wine growing and in the grapes handling that the company has known to spread since the beginning.

Historia del Val Trebbia


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

“Life is too short to drink mediocre wine”

Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961)

“Wine is one of the major signs of civilization in the world”

Pindaro (518-438 AC approximately)

“Wine raises the soul and the thoughts, and every concern move away from the heart of men”



La actividad de la empresa MOIZO&SCOTTI que produce, selecciona y suministra los vinos a El Galgo Negro, tiene origen en el 1892. Por cada vino de la empresa MOIZO&SCOTTI se puede afirmar que el equilibrio, el color y los perfumes son verdaderamente de alta y refinada calidad.

Estos excelentes resultados son posibles gracias al constante, sagaz y meticuloso cuidado en los cultivos de vides y en el trabajar las uvas, que la empresa ha sabido divulgar desde el principio.